Protegis Tech U – Technician Training

What is Protegis Tech U?


Protegis Tech U is our all-new Technician Training & Development Program, established to provide opportunities for professional development, career planning and discipline specific training to Protegis’ technicians. Training is available in most fire protection disciplines, utilizing Protegis subject matter experts, industry approved training guides, and demonstrated training techniques to help support increased expertise, cross-disciplinary training, and advancement opportunities.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any Protegis technician who wants to improve their skillset and expand their knowledge! No matter what systems you focus on, there is always room for advancement in your career. Any tech who wants to improve his/her skill set or refresh their knowledge will be able to utilize this training.

What kind of training is offered?

The Protegis Tech U resource catalog includes all key fire protection disciplines including sprinkler, fire alarm, special hazards, kitchen suppression, and portables. Additional resources and training programs are available to support technicians in the following areas:
• State Licensure & Professional Credentialing
• Cross-functional training
• Manufacturer training
• Third-party certification prep & practice tests
• Continuing education & refresher courses

How will our technicians be trained?

Training and resources are available in many formats, including online, printed materials, classroom-style study, and individual coaching.