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With the continued growth of COVID-19 cases, the risk of getting sick is increasing. Take a closer look at two solutions we offer to keep your most important assets safe.

Temperature Screening Terminal

Quickly measure skin temperature without contact in an area that is right for your business. WATCH VIDEO

What Can the Terminal Do For You?

Temperature Reading

Quick Temp Measurement = Faster Entry


Reading Out of Range


Integrates Into Access Control Systems


Our sanitizing services help keep your business safe for people to enter. 
Sanitizing FAQ’s:
  • EPA Approved Sanitizing Chemical 
  • Quick Drying & Cleans As It Sanitizes
  • Safe To Spray In Many Areas
  • Spray Based On Customer Preference
  • Sanitizing Available For Any Building Size

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Temperature Screening Terminal – Integrates Into Access Control Systems

Besides making sure you minimize the risk of someone bringing illness into your place of business, the temperature screening terminal can be integrated into your access control system. Therefore, you can add an extra measure of security by deciding who can enter your building even if they are well.


Someone walks through your doors. As soon as they enter, the temperature screening terminal is there. The terminal quickly takes the person’s temperature and scans their face.

If their temperature is within range and their face is recognized, they are permitted to enter (unless they are not wearing a mask and it is required). If their temperature is within range, but their face is not recognized, then they are given directions on what to do next.

Why is this important?

Everyone is concerned about COVID-19, but safety concerns will always be an issue for businesses. Since the terminal will not allow people who are not recognized in the system to fully enter the building, you avoid potential harm.

If you would like to learn more about the temperature screening terminal, please call Protegis Fire & Safety.


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