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What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a fire sprinkler inspection? It really depends on whether it’s a wet or dry sprinkler system.

Let’s take a closer look at each.


Why You Should Convert to a Nitrogen Fire Suppression System

nitrogen technician inspecting a pipe for a nitrogen fire suppression system

We ran into a case where a company had a leaky dry fire suppression system. For months and months, they were continually repairing the leaks. However, when is the right time for a total system replacement? And what should the replacement be?

Today, we’ll look at a real-life project of someone who had a struggling dry fire suppression system, who after careful thought and analysis, was given the suggestion to convert to a nitrogen fire suppression system.

Let’s dive in:


The 5 Question Fire Alarm Quiz

smoke detector about to set off a fire alarm system

Whether you’re new to fire alarm systems, or you’re a seasoned pro, this 5 question fire alarm quiz will certainly heighten your awareness.
I will give you the questions first, and then in the next section,  I will give you the answers as well as an explanation as to why that’s the answer.
Good luck!

UL 300 Fire Suppression Systems

UL 300 Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurant Kitchens

UL 300 Compliance

It’s time to take a radical stance on restaurant fire safety.

Automatic fire suppression systems for commercial kitchen hoods—called “restaurant systems” in the fire protection industry—have been required to comply with Standard UL 300 since 1994. Older non-UL 300 systems are not designed to handle fires in modern kitchens, and keeping one of these systems in place typically costs more than upgrading to a modern model. Despite these facts, a dwindling handful of commercial kitchen operators continue to hold onto their old systems. With 7,600 restaurant fires occurring annually in the US, that’s a poor bet to take. Click below to learn more.


The Most Common Misconception About Security Cameras

security camera can't see license plate on taxi

Today, I interviewed Peter Wood of Protegis Fire & Safety,  “I asked, what is the most common sales question you hear?”

His reply: “Will I be able to read license plates with this security system?”

Today, we’ll dive deeper into the question and give you clarity on what type of options businesses have.