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Protect Your Life Safety Budget

Sign Up For A Multi-Year Life Safety Contract. Why?

Guaranteed Pricing

Know what you are going to spend on your routine inspections. You can lock in your fire and life safety rates for multiple years


Our technicians and support staff will be familiar with your systems, which will save you time since we know where to go and what to do. 

Peace of Mind

Assurance that your fire and life safety systems are kept up to code. We set you up on a frequency cycle for life safety inspections and will call you ahead of time to schedule. 

There are many reasons why you should choose a Protegis Multi-Year Contract. Learn more today.


The Importance of Life Safety Systems Inspections

Now is a great time to review your property’s life safety system’s inspections!

Property management comes with great responsibility. One of those responsibilities is fire safety, and remaining educated about the fire protection systems in your facility. Some of the most common mistakes arise when your systems are not tested and inspected according to NFPA standards and/or your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

When properly maintained and inspected, fire protection systems are among the most reliable means to ensure the safety of your building and everyone in it. Trusting that your systems will optimally perform in the event of an emergency depends upon the quality of the service and inspections performed on them. When you work with Protegis Fire & Safety, you get the full-scale capability of one of the most established and experienced fire protection companies in the United States.

Review our Test & Inspect Chart, to verify that your systems are being tested and inspected properly!

Fireguard Inspection & Testing Frequency Chart