Act now and check your fire protection systems before winter!

Cold weather is upon us. Act now to avoid potential damage to your fire sprinkler piping and components as a result of freezing temperatures.  As per code requirements, all wet sprinkler system piping and components shall be maintained at a minimum of 40⁰F. Therefore, it is imperative that all heating systems are regularly checked for proper operation and temperature settings throughout the cold weather months.

Also, if dry pipe sprinkler systems are installed at your property, it is important that auxiliary drains on your system be drained before the onset of freezing weather conditions and thereafter as needed.

Conducting an inspection, testing, and maintenance program in accordance with NFPA 25 requirements is necessary for the proper protection and operation of your fire protection systems.  This responsibility ultimately falls to property owners, of course, but Protegis can assist you by providing qualified personnel who are highly trained in the necessary requirements.  While it is nearly impossible to prepare for extreme weather and/or various unforeseen conditions, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure!

Please contact Protegis Fire & Safety today if we can assist you in preparing your fire sprinkler systems for this winter.