Whenever you’re dealing with a manufacturing facility, the potential for a fire can be extreme. Not only are we talking about machines, but we’re also talking about gases, chemicals, and all sorts of other agents that can be volatile and causes fire. Anyone who runs a manufacturing business or works in a manufacturing facility needs to take fire safety very seriously.

When it comes to containing and preventing fires, there are a few things that every manufacturing business should adhere to to make sure they have the proper deterrents in place in case of a fire. Here are some of the most important things for you to consider:

Have an evacuation plan

If you experience a fire in your facility, the number one priority is getting employees out of the building quickly and safely. Especially amidst the chaos of a manufacturing plant – fires can cause even more stress and fear in people than they usually do. This makes it very important for the evacuation plan to be clear; everyone should know it and that it’s clearly defined and exits are visible and in plain sight. We even recommend that you drill employees to make sure they are prepared.

Install a comprehensive fire protection system

Commercial equipment is the first line of defense in a fire. The first response to a fire can often be the most important, from your sprinklers above to your fire extinguishers below. Your fire suppression system will be the thing that deals with the fire between its start and when an emergency response team arrives – and saves you enough time to get everyone out safely.

It’s crucial for you to consult with a fire safety company as well – as regular inspections will be needed, and depending on what kinds of materials you work with – you might need specific chemicals in your suppression systems.

Make fire safety training mandatory

Making training mandatory will not only make a difference in the event of a fire, but it can cover all of the necessary topics. It should include things like the location of extinguishers/equipment, identifying all the exits in your building, instruction on how to use certain fire safety devices, discussion, and walkthroughs of evacuation routes, as well as general knowledge about how fires start and spread.

Protective clothing is a must

Especially if your business deals with machines that create excessive heat and sparks, all employees should be required to wear protective clothing. Everyone should be protected.

Always fall back on OSHA

OSHA codes might seem like a pain to some – but they are designed to protect businesses like yours and your employees from fire hazards. Simply following their guidelines or even using them as a simple checklist can make a dramatic difference in minimizing the risk of a fire. Not only is this a great way to promote fire safety in your business, but it also ensures you don’t get a hefty fine from OSHA for not complying.

If you have questions about your workplace fire safety or any other fire safety topic, please get in touch with Protegis Fire & Safety.