certified technician checking a fire extinguisher

If you have worked in the industry for years or just want to learn more about fire extinguishers, please take a few moments to test your fire extinguisher knowledge by answering our five question quiz.

Let’s begin!

Welcome to our Fire Extinguisher Quiz!

#1 – When someone asks you for a 10 lb. fire extinguisher, what does the 10 lbs. represent?

a) The weight of the agent inside the fire extinguisher
b) The entire weight of the fire extinguisher
c) The weight of the fire extinguisher minus the weight of the agent
d) The weight of the fire it can exterminate

The correct answer is A.

The weight of the agent inside the fire extinguisher.
Multiple sources on the web, including this article from Kauffman Co. Fire and Life Safety, explain that the weights on the side of a fire extinguisher represents the weight of the chemical inside. You should expect the gross weight of the entire canister while fully charged to be a bit heavier.

#2 – Yes or No

Your fire extinguisher just fell on the floor, is it OK to put it back on the wall without having a professional examine it?

The correct answer is No.

You need to have a Professional make sure the fire extinguisher is still working properly, so put it in a special place until it is throughly checked.

#3 – Match the fire extinguisher class to the type of fire it terminates:

fire extinguisher matching class to description

For the complete details on which class of fire extinguisher is good for which items, check out this blog post from the Fire Equipment Manufacturers Association.

#4 – How far away should you stand when you are using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire?

a) 4 feet
b) 6 feet
c) 8 feet
d) 10 feet
e) 12 feet

The correct answer is C, 8 feet.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), it’s recommended that you stand 8 feet away when extinguishing a fire.

#5 – The acronym for putting out a fire using a fire extinguisher is PASS. What does PASS stand for:

a) Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Spread
b) Pull, Accuracy, Squeeze, Spread
c) Pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
d) Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep

The correct answer is D, Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

In FEMA’s article about putting out fires, it states that the acronym for PASS is pull, aim, squeeze, sweep.

Thank you for taking the fire extinguisher quiz!

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