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Questions Business Owners Should Ask About Their Own Company’s Fire Safety

Fires – particularly workplace fires – can be devastating, not just to the owners of the business, but to those who work for them. Now is as good a time as any to think about your company’s fire safety and what you can do to prevent fires.

Here are four questions that every business owner should ask themselves about their workplace fire safety:

Have you properly assessed your risks?

The amount of risk your business takes on almost entirely depends on what your business actually is. But you’d be surprised that in spite of the range in risk – even with the businesses that face the most danger – how little work is done in assessing what could cause a potential fire. What’s worse is that the solution is really easy. Some local governments even offer up the local fire marshal to come visit your workplace and put a whole plan in place.

Do you have plans in place in case of an emergency?

They teach you this as early as elementary school – but it certainly bears repeating. Have a plan – not just in case of fires – but any emergency. It’s not just something you do to protect yourself legally, but rather something you really owe your employees. They should know that they’re safe and that you’ve taken the proper steps to ensure their continued safety.

Do you have the right equipment?

The right equipment should be whatever your local government says it should be. Whether that’s a sprinkler system or a fire suppression system, you need to have the necessary systems in place to be compliant with regulations.

Do you have routine inspections?

Even if you have all the right equipment, you’ll need to also have routine inspections (we recommend once a year) in order to make sure everything works. There are a few things you can check on your own to save some money, but some you would be better off calling us pros in for. In places where there’s heavy machinery, flammable liquids, etc – you’ll want to have inspections twice a year. You just can’t risk it.

Don’t fret – it’s never too late to think about keeping your workplace safe! Maybe now’s the time to take action, even! Just give Protegis Fire & Safety a call and we can help you get going on all the answers to these questions. Make sure your place of business is up to code and safe for your employees!

Timeline of a Fire

A single sprinkler controls a fire 90 percent of the time, saving a majority of a home or company’s possessions.1 Also, the average fire loss in a building with a sprinkler system is $2,166 as opposed to $45,019 without the protection.2

Sprinkler systems reduce fire damage by up to 97 percent.

When properly maintained and inspected, fire sprinkler systems are among the most essential investments you will make in ensuring the safety of your facility. Trusting that your systems will optimally perform in the event of an emergency depends upon finding a fire protection company upon which you can rely to professionally install, service and inspect your fire sprinkler systems. When you work with Protegis Fire & Safety, you get the full-scale capability of one of the most established and experienced fire protection companies in the United States.

1. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
2. Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition