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We Can Work on Your Fire Alarm System!


No Matter the Type the Brand or the Age

we can work on your system.




Protegis is available 24/7 for emergency services, diagnosing problems, providing system repairs, and central monitoring. We are your One-Stop Shop; no matter how big or small your system is, we can help!



Protegis inspects systems to ensure they adhere to the industry standards established for inspection and testing of fire alarm systems, proper test methods, and frequency for system components.



Protegis’ wireless fire alarm monitoring program “Lose the Lines” allows you to “lose” your phone lines and replace with a wireless communicator. All equipment, installation and programming can be included for one low monthly cost.



Protegis has factory-trained and certified technicians who install and maintain systems for nearly all brands and provide diagnostic, parts, and repair services to keep systems operating at peak performance.

Fire Alarm Communication – Why Eliminate POTS Lines?

Eliminate POTS Lines…Why?

Signal Transmission – Newer technology provides faster, safer, and more reliable connectivity to send signals from your premises.


Prone to Damage – In the event of a storm or accident, phone lines are prone to damage and might not be replaced.


Phasing Out Lines – Old phone lines & networks are expensive for phone companies to fix/maintain & are being phased out.


Costs Increasing – Since the POTS landlines supply is low, costs are getting increasingly higher all the time.



Cellular Communicators provide more reliable communication from the fire panel to the Monitoring Station. Explore your options today.


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Life Safety Services Backed by Repair Lab & Parts

Does Your Fire & Life Safety Provider
Offer Parts & Repairs?

At Protegis, we back our services with an In-House Repair Lab and a huge inventory of Reconditioned Legacy Fire Alarm System Parts. This allows us to provide you with the best service possible by having the capability to keep your legacy fire alarm system up and running with minimal downtime or impact on business conditions.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

At Protegis, we can help you save money on your fire alarm monitoring without sacrificing the quality and reliability of your service.


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Start Planning Your 2022 Life Safety Budget

Also, Consider Multi-Year Contracts

 Guaranteed Pricing 

Know what you are going to spend on your routine inspections. You can lock in your fire and life safety rates for multiple years.



Our technicians & support staff are familiar with your systems, which saves you time since we know where to go & what to do.


Peace of Mind

Assurance that your life safety systems are kept up to code. Your inspections will be scheduled on the required frequency.


Also, Consider Multi-Year Contracts